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Goodwin Massage Therapy Clinic

Price List

Cash, Cheque or Direct Billing

Therapeutic, Prenatal, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic, Relaxation and Sports Therapy

1/2 hour - $48.00

45 minute - $65.00

1 hour - $80.00

90 minute - $115.00


Thermal Palms Massage (Similar to hot stone in that it incorporates heat with Swedish massage. Great for relaxation, detoxification, improving lymphatic flow and increasing circulation to the muscles and joints)

1/2 hour (back, neck and shoulder treatment) - $55.00

45 minute (leg, foot, back, neck and shoulder treatment) - $70.00

75 minute (full body treatment including back, neck, shoulders, fronts and backs of legs, feet, arms and hands)- $125.00

*this treatment is not recommended for clients with uncontrolled high blood pressure, intolerance to heat or diabetic neuropathy (treatment should be avoided on the legs)


Add a paraffin wax hand treatment for $8.00

Add aromatherapy oils to any treatment for $3.00


Cash, Cheque, or Direct billing (including DVA) only

All prices include HST