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Goodwin Massage Therapy Clinic

Direct Billing

Convenient and Easy!

Direct billing is a new process which allows your massage therapist to submit your claim for you with little or no out-of-pocket payment!

Companies now offering direct billing to clients are:

Great west life
Johnson Inc
Standard Life Assurance
Industrial Alliance
Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan
Maximum Benefit or Johnson Group
Sunlife (military members with the policy #5555 - RMT's cannot submit claims on your behalf)
Manulife - Please register online so your RMT can bill for you

When you come in for your appointment, bring your member ID and policy number and I can check automatically to see if this option is available to you :)  Check your benefit plan before you come in as some plans require a doctors note, will only cover a percentage or dollar amount per treatment or they may not provide payment to MT's.

Now it's possible to get your massage without having to worry about having cash on-hand or sending in your receipts :)