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Goodwin Massage Therapy Clinic

As Goodwin Massage Therapy Clinic is a home based clinic, you may be wondering where you need to go to access the clinic.  When you first arrive at 288 Dundas street West in Belleville, you will notice there is a circular driveway. You will want to park on the left hand side (west side) of the driveway near a small sign that says "this way to Goodwin Massage".  You will notice a paved path through the trees that will take you to the door of the clinic at the back of the house.  The clinic is separate from the rest of the house, with it's own entrance and washroom. You may also notice a sign on the window to the right. The sign will let you know if the clinic is occupied or unoccupied.  There is no separate waiting room at Goodwin Massage so if the clinic is occupied, please wait outside or in your vehicle until I can assist you.

During your first appointment, you will be required to fill out a health history form as well as sign a privacy policy and consent form.  You may print these and fill them out beforehand, or fill them out when you get here.  Following this, we will discuss your primary complaint, complete a physical assessment (if necessary) to determine the cause of your complaint and establish your goals of treatment. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have, so please don't be afraid to ask :)

You may also want me to bill directly for you if you have a benefit company which allows me to do so. This will require you to fill out the direct billing request form so please bring your benefits card with you.  

Click here to print out your massage documents 

Please be aware that because this is a home based business, some noise may be audible in the clinic. We do try our hardest to keep things quiet and peaceful but the odd dog bark or baby chatter may filter through. Thank you so much for your understanding!! :)